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Designed by Microsoft, Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) is a virtual machine that creates hard disk image and represents storage of important data. With this attribute, administrators can mount, create and add VHD files to virtual machines. A host computer can have more than one VHD. With the inbuilt tool of Windows 7, Virtual Hard Disk can be created on host computer. Like any other system files, VHD is also subject to corruption issue.

It can be corrupt due to following reasons –

a. Virus Infection

b. Malfunctioning of virtual machine hardware

c. Dirty Shutdown

d. Connection with corrupt external drive like IDE, SCSI, SATA or flash drive.

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How VHD Recovery Software Combats This Issue?

VHD Recovery Software is a dexterous utility that has paramount VHD recovery efficiency to repair severely damaged, corrupt and inaccessible VHD data. It is designed to use virtualization solution retrieve and recover both NTFS and FAT systems on VHD.

Compatible to Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, it performs deep scan and swift repair without leaving any error and without wasting any time. In order to retrieve severely damaged or lost VHD file data, it is powered with and operates on three different working modes.

VHD Data Recovery Software – Operating Modes

1. Instant Mode:
In this Quick Scan recovery mode, it performs deep scan of VHD and retrieves all the important files and folders that are damaged or corrupted. It resolves only minor issues of VHD corruption.

2. Deep Scan Mode:
If VHD files are badly corrupted or damaged, use this strategically designed mode for thorough recovery operation. The virtual hard disk of host computer is deeply scanned to retrieve all the inaccessible VHD data files. If Instant Mode is failed to repair and recover a particular file, use this mode to get it back.

3. Raw Mode:
If both methods are failed, use this most powerful method that will definitely recover back all the damaged and corrupted VHD files. Without causing any failure, it is capable and responsible to recover almost everything successfully.

VHD File Recovery – Key Features

1. Recovers lost documents, images, pictures, spreadsheets, videos and audio files from damaged VHD.

2. All VHD corruption issues are successfully resolved.

3. Works on three recovery modes – instant mode, raw mode and deep scan mode.

4. Repairs severely damaged or corrupt files of VHD in host computer.

5. No technical skills required thanks to smart and easy to understand interface.

6. Facilitates you to extract all the damaged, inaccessible or corrupt data from VHD.

Enjoy Full Benefit with Trial Version:
Now you can grab optimum benefit from free evaluation version of VHD File Recovery offered by us. So, download free trial now and analyze all of its functionalities and features. It allows you to repair some damaged files of virtual hard disk. But it restricts users to save the process. Buy full version to save repaired files if you like this software.



VHD File Recovery

Professional VHD Recovery utility to repair corrupt, damaged or inaccessible VHD file & Restore them in working condition. Use Free Trial Version..

*Free Trial version of software allow you to display the preview of recovered data in evaluation version.

Key Features

  1. Repairs corrupt, damaged, lost and inaccessible data from VHD

  2. Recover data & Restore them in original format

  3. Recover data from Physical as well as Logical partition

  4. Recover almost everything from VHD drive

  5. Easy to use with GUI Interface

  6. Free Trial Version Available

  7. 24 x 7 Support